Website design and development

I poses an in depth knowledge of the entire website design process, starting with preproduction procedures, actual design, development, launching, and ending with the creation of the postmortem documentation for website maintenance.

Website redesign, development - WordPress (freelance project) Website redesign, development - HMTL5, CSS3, Javascript, Wordpress Website redesign, development - XHTML, CSS (educational project)

Web design and development knowledge...

Design in Photoshop and Illustrator

Flash animations

Video and audio production for the web


CSS/CSS queries

JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile

Responsive Design

WordPress content management system

Basic PHP

Website production experience...

Website Design - Defining the project

  • Discovery stage of the redesign project is about analyzing the company and its outgoing website. This includes collecting and gathering information, analyzing the industry, identifying and understanding audience needs, and developing functional requirements.
  • Clarification stage includes determining the overall goals of the future project and developing strategies for conveying them to the all stakeholders involved in the website production.
  • Planning stage involves the creation of the project plan, the setting of the budget, the development of a timeline, and planning for the user testing.

Website Design - Developing a site structure

  • Content-View stage includes analysis of the existing content, examination and organization of content from an audience perspective, and outline of the future content.
  • Site-View stage contains site-mapping and the settlement of naming conventions.
  • Page-View stage consists of creating wireframes and addressing navigation flow and wording
  • User-View stage involves developing an HTML site prototype for content, navigation, and page flow examination.

Website Design - Designing a visual interface

  • Creating stage is about reviewing website objectives, developing visual concepts, presenting designs, and testing functional aspects of a website.

Website Design - Building and integrating

  • Planning stage includes determination of a plan and the setting of a file structure.
  • Building stage involves final design slicing and optimization for the web, creating HTML templates, applying script, and integrating back-end development.
  • Testing stage is all about implementing a user testing, fixing bugs, and performing a final functionality check.

Website Design - Launching

  • Delivery stage includes creating a handoff package for a client, tracking all documentation, and conducting maintenance training.
  • Launch stage involves optimizing the website for search engines and preparation for final website launch.

Graphic Design

I have Graphic Design production experience that includes creating company logos, banners, promotional E-letters, brochures, posters, CD covers and business cards. I am also proficient at character drawing, photo editing, retouching, demo reel, hand-drawings and illustrations in Photoshop & Illustrator (both on PC and Mac platforms).

Bird Illustration - hand drawing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Poster Design - photo editing, typography - Adobe Photoshop (educational project) Photo Illustration in De Stijl style - Adobe Illustrator CD Cover - photo editing, typography - Adobe Photoshop (educational project) CD Cover - photo editing, typography - Adobe Photoshop (educational project) Music Visualization of Beethoven Symphony #6 - Adobe Photoshop (educational project) Music Visualization of Radiohead Treefingers - Adobe Photoshop (educational project) Logo Design - hand drawing, typography - Adobe Illustrator Logo Design - hand drawing, typography - Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Logo Design - typography - Adobe Illustrator Logo Design - typography - Adobe Illustrator Logo Design - typography - Adobe Illustrator Logo Design - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Character Drawing | Bookmark Drawing | Bottle Illustration - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Christmas Tree Branch Illustration - Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design knowledge...

Adobe Audition

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Graphic design experience...

  • General Multimedia production – creating a visual storyline.
  • Digital Illustration - logo creation, character drawing, trading and business card design, and other special types of illustration work using the Adobe Illustrator software.
  • Digital Imaging - producing banners, CD covers, posters, and other typography projects.


I love traveling and photo shooting! Photography is my #1 hobby.

Through my travels I accumulated a vast photo-collection ranging from portrait compositions to panoramic nature photographs.

I have solid work experience of photo shooting for the website products including capturing tough items such as furniture, bedding, fabrics, and so on. I am also skilled at photo editing and retouch. I enjoy the process of taking a regular photo and converting it into a high end photography masterpiece.

These are only few photographs of the huge photo-collection that is presented at my shop.

Photography - Scenic Countryside - Beautiful Forests Photography - Cutest of the Cutest - Mexican Birds Photography - Natives - Cambodian Lakes

Photo editing software knowledge...

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Camera Raw

Fine Art

Fine art is another of my major interests. I created my first oil on canvas painting for a final project in Art History class at the College of Westchester. I found it to really challenging but rewording work. Since then, I periodically create a new piece as a present for my friends and family. The feedback for my work has been great and my paintings and drawings are prominently displayed in multiple households. Please, check out a whole Fine Art collection at my shop page.

Fine Art - Oil on Canvas - Aircrafts Fine Art - Oil on Canvas - Almond Flowers Fine Art - Oil on Canvas - Ship

Fine Art expertise...

Charcoal drawing

Oil painting

Pencil/color pencils drawing

Ink drawing

Watercolor drawing

Application Design

During my studying at the Full Sail University I have taken 4 ActionScript 3.0 programming courses, the Flash Fundamentals, Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, Flash ActionScript Techniques, and Deployment of Flash Projects. As a result of these studies I created multiple small Flash projects and some Flash applications.

Application Design - Action Script 3.0 - Article Finder Application Design - Action Script 3.0 - Audio Player Application Design - Action Script 3.0 - Audio Player

Application design knowledge...

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Air App

Application design experience...

  • A Weather application includes all hand drawing in Flash and background programming.
  • A Drawing application involves some illustration work as well as ActionScript 3.0 programming.
  • An Image Viewer application is just a simple slideshow app that cycles all the images from a given XML file and shows a coordinated caption of the image.
  • A Music Player application, an Adobe Flash drawing and AS programming. A music player plays and controls music compositions from a given XML file.
  • An Article Finder application, which is built on the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), and can be used across different platforms and devices. This application is based on the New York Times Article Search API and allows searching of the latest news by an article title.

Video and Audio Editing

I enjoy film shooting as much as a photo shooting! Videos are the best way to retain memories of places you have visited over time. I find Video & Audio editing to be an utterly enjoyable experience and an absolutely wonderful process.

Video and Audio editing knowledge...

Adobe Audition

Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro



Video and Audio editing experience...

  • Commercial Full Sail University Advertisement
  • Vacation Advertisement
  • Advertisements for Google
  • Radio station Broadcasting